Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Good Luck Charm by Leanne Tyler Review

* I was given a free copy of this eBook for my honest review*

Keely Jones believes all she wants in life is a successful advertising career and a corner office. However, that all begins to change when she bumps into a Frisbee player while jogging with her dog. When she’s given a good luck charm she’s skeptical about the magic of true love or finding her soul mate. But when things start to heat up between her and Darren, can she truly ignore it? Or will he be the one man who can ruin her career? Darren Wright has returned to Knoxville to regroup and to join his sister’s advertising agency. He isn’t looking for anything major to happen in his life, yet when he bumps into a cute brunette and her dog, things begin to change. He’s soon promoted to Creative Director and falling for Keely. How can he tell her he works for an opposing firm? And if he doesn’t, will he risk losing her for good?


I read this yesterday afternoon. The Good Luck Charm is predictable just like most romance novels but it was ok. This book is not something I would read again in the future though but it did keep me entertained for the afternoon.

The Good Luck Charm is the first book in the Good Luck series. I haven't read the other books but I might read them if I can find them for cheap. 

I give The Good Luck Charm 3 out of 5

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