Thursday, January 8, 2015

BookOutlet Boxing Day Sale Haul

Hey everyone!   

On Boxing Day (December 26th) I woke up early and logged into BookOutlet site to buy a bunch of books for super cheap.  Every books on the site were 50% off if you were a member and had the coupon code. 

I didn't go crazy and I had decided I would not spend more than $30.  What helped also is that I had made up my cart the night before so that I wouldn't go adding more books than I had planned to buy.  

I just received my order this week and this is what I bought . If you want to know more about each books, just click on each title and it will send you to it's GoodReads page.


  1. Had never seen those Kelly Armstong covers. They are like pieces of art.

  2. They are different from my other books from the same series that I own and taller too but I don't mind since I was able to get them for really cheap. I actually prefer these covers I posted my here