Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 Bookish Goals Update

In December I wrote my 2016 goals of what I would like to have read this year. 

I am happy to say that so far I am doing very well.

I have put my Goodreads challenge at 150 books read this year and so far I have read 103 books. Not bad at all considering some of the books I have been reading have over 1000 pages and I have had a couple of weeks where I just didn't feel like reading. 

I wanted to finish reading the Outlander series.  I was up to The Fiery Cross (book 5) back in December and I have read books 6 and 7 this year. I just need to read Written in My own Heart's Blood (book 8) but I might wait for a few more months or maybe wait until next year to read that one because we are still waiting for the 9th book to come out. 

Since I had planned on reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien last year but hadn't had the chance to I decided to read it this year and I did. I am not sure if I will continue unto the other books any time very soon because I do have a lot of other books I want to read more. 

I had planned on taking part in more read-a-thon but unfortunately, I haven't had much chance to take part so far this year. There were 2 I had planned on taking part in but had to cancel because of other things in life that got in the way and I was very stressed out.

My plan to read more of my books in my own personal to be read pile (that are not for review) has gone very well so far this year. I have read 24 so far .

All in all, I am happy with my achievement so far in this year's goals.  

Did you make a challenge for yourself for 2016?  If so, how are your challlenge(s)  going?

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  1. I set my goals low because I wasn't sure I'd manage to read much ... i've had some reading slumps too ... but still I've surpassed my goal of 25 ... I am at 38!