Monday, August 15, 2016

To Be Read Pile Of Shame 2016

Last year I had done a post showing all of my unread books. I had not included any that I had to review and I had over 90 books that I had on my shelves but had not read yet .  

This year I decided to do that same thing.  I have organized my shelves this morning and put my unread books aside so that I could count them and take photos.    

I am happy to say that my TBR (to be read) pile is a little bit lower than last year.   

The total of my personal unread books (books I bought)  is 79. Not too bad since last year it was over 90. 

As you can see those are just the physical books. I have not counted all my ebooks and I don't think I will because there are a lot more and it would take me a long time to count them all and also it would be impossible to show you all the covers and down every title.

My goal is to be lower than 50 to be read pile this time next year.  

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