Monday, September 5, 2016

Lianna's Longing by Mandie Mills *Review*

* I received a ebook copy of this book for my honest review*

Two years after parting ways, Lianna and Sebastian meet at a gala, and the attraction is electric. She’s spent her time discovering her confidence and exploring her sexuality. He’s spent his focusing on his emotional shortcomings. Now they want a real relationship.
As they navigate the emotional aspect of their new love it’s no-holds-barred. Bound and gagged, Lianna submits to Sebastian’s darkest fantasy as he shows her what it truly means to be dominated. Sebastian wants her to experience her every fantasy, and she wants to show him her new confidence and sensuality. She wants to experience the touch of a woman and invites one into their bed. She wants a public scene with multiple partners, but as Sebastian watches other men touch her, his jealousy surfaces and he withdraws. They’re perfect together, but Lianna fears they might never find their way back to each other.
I have read a few other books by Mandie and I have enjoyed them all and I admit I enjoyed this book as much as the other ones I have read.  
This is the sequel to Lianna's Lessons and I admit I liked both books just about the same amount. 
This book is very well written and I couldn't stop reading. I actually read this one in one afternoon and that says a lot because it isn't often I read BDSM erotica stories in one day. 
I do recommend this book.  
I give Lianna's Longing 5 out of 5.
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