Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Montana Heat: Protected by Love: A Novella by Jennifer Ryan *Review*

*I received a eARC of this book for my honest review*

It was more than another blind date . . .

It was DEA Agent Caden Cooke’s third chance to impress beautiful chef Mia Martin. He’d already stood her up twice, and was shocked she was even giving him another chance. For Caden, taking down the bad guys is important, but Mia’s made it clear there’s no excuse for his bad behaviour. So he’s vowed to make it worth her while with an apology he’s cooked up just for her.

From the moment they meet, it’s clear this isn’t just another fix up. The sparks flying between them are undeniable; the tension is electric. Then, suddenly, the best moments of their lives turn treacherous when a drug dealer set on revenge puts their lives in danger. And Mia and Caden quickly realise they will do anything to protect the other—and live for the love neither of them expected.


Jennifer Ryan is a new to me author but after reading the description of this novella I decided to request it and read it right away.

I loved the story and I know I will be reading the next book that comes out.  I love that the story is fast paced and it has humour, suspense, and romance.   

I give this 5 out of 5. 

You can purchase this novella on amazon.

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