Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017 Mid- Year Update

We are not in July.  Where did the past few months go? I swear the year is going so fast.

Last December I posted my goal or 2016 and I wasn't really planning to post an update until the end of this year yesterday I decided to write me update anyway.    

My main goal really was to catch up to all the books in the Dark Hunterverse series by Sherrilyn Kenyon books that I own.  So far I have read 5 of the books and I have 5 more to go. 

I was thinking of reading Written In My Own Heart Blood (book 8 in the Outlander series) by Diana Gabaldon but I decided I might wait since the 9th book isn't close to being released so I have plenty of time to read it. 

I planned on buying fewer books this year and so far I have only bought 4 books.

I have been doing Goodreads challenges for a few years now and this year I was going to just put it at 150 but after I had done my goal last December I have changed my challenge to 170.
So far this year I have read 134 books.  Most of the books are ones to review but 25 of them have been ones I have purchased in the past few years.  I know I will surpass my goal. Heck, I think I might surpass it before the end of the summer.    

Did you do goals for the year?  If so how are they going?


  1. Hi thanks for becoming my friend on GR. Love their challenges and I usually up it each that I am retired will probably read even more...

    1. Thank you for following my blog and becoming my friend on GR.

      I don't work and no children so I do have plenty of time to read.