Saturday, January 12, 2019

Driven by Fire by Eden Rayna #Review

*I received a copy of this for my honest review*

When Piper walks in on her boyfriend with another woman, she ends up alone, walking the highway leading into Fort McKay in Northern Alberta. Piper realizes how much she's sacrificed for this relationship, her friend, her lifestyle, and most importantly, her career as a chef-and she determines to leave this small town behind and reclaim her independence. But when a semi-truck pulls up behind her and lurches to a stop, she fears her night is about to get worse.

Desperate for some respite from his gossip-worthy life, tech millionaire Brandon takes up long-haul trucking after a messy divorce. While driving into Fort McKay, he sees a woman walking on the side of the highway. Trying to be a gentleman, he pulls over and tries to offer her a ride. She refuses-yet the look in her eyes makes him feel protective of her at first sight.

When Piper and Brandon have a chance encounter the next day, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Neither is looking for love, but they end up spending a hot afternoon together. Brandon's awaiting business in Edmonton and Piper's newly-single mindset allow both to say goodbye quickly and get on with their lives. But wildfires raging in the area force Brandon to stay in Fort McKay, leading to a smouldering week with Piper. Despite Piper's reluctance to depend on another man and Brandon's determination not to fall in love, they both start to realize how incredible they are together. Piper opens up in ways she never knew possible, and Brandon remembers how it feels to love someone.

As the wildfires rage closer, evacuation orders pressure the lovers to decide on their future. Piper's friend Danielle knows these two are falling in love and implores Piper to take a leap in this passionate relationship. But Piper has to make her own decision: Will she keep her promise to reclaim her independence, or will she follow Brandon back to his life in Edmonton?...


First of all, this is Eden Rayna's debut novel and I have to say I am very impressed.

I very much loved that fact that that it takes place in Canada and that Eden is Canadian.  I don't read so many books that take place in Canada so it was nice to be able to read something that takes place in my Country.

This erotic story is a very good one that I have already recommended to some friends and I do recommend to you all who love erotic romance.  This book was one I could not put down because the story was so addicting.  Such a very well written story.  I will be reading this one again in the future. 

I am giving this 4 out of 5. 

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