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Hi! My name is Chantale and I am a 30-something Canadian who loves reading.  I have loved reading since I first learned to read. I am addicted to reading.

 I do not have any children but I do have a dog and he does  like to keep me on my toes. When I am not book blogging I do other reviews in my other blog, I read, take walks, play video games ,watch tv shows and movie and I LOVE pizza and poutine.

If you want your book featured or reviewed on my blog please email me at: CanadianBookAddict@gmail.com  .   

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  1. Sorry for the anonymous. Cannot get rid of illegal characters so just went the expeditious route.
    I'm a Florida writer with both a non-fiction and a number of fiction works presently up on Amazon, and soon on other sites. Impressed with your reach, which got to me via a Facebook post. Do you do independent blog reviews or only through a blog tour company? Please contact me at shaylawrites@gmail.com. Thank you.
    Shayla McBride