Tuesday, July 1, 2014

*Review* The Sword and Its Servant By Victor Salinas

*I received a free ecopy of this for my honest review*

The gods were long ago destroyed. The links between the Nine Worlds of Creation are deteriorating. The Gates to the Underworld are closed. A veil of shadow shrouds all the land. Rumors of a dead savior reemerge.

​Einsa finds herself without memory of her past and her origin, held prisoner by the Löwa, a species of warped monsters bent on using the Children of Mann for their horrendous genetic experiments. She and her companions are merely lab rats waiting to be plucked by their captors—until they decide to make their escape. Einsa’s only hope for survival in the fallen world that awaits her rests with Klinde, an ancient and infamous warrior who is just as cunning and bloodthirsty as the enemy.

The Sword and Its Servant is the first installment of the multi-part Young Adult fantasy saga that takes you on a dark, fast-paced journey through the Grauwelt. It is a world filled with depravity, cruelty, mystery, and more than its fair share of insanity. Experience in vivid detail its strange inhabitants, horrendous creatures, wondrous locales, and deep lore through the eyes of a girl trapped between two evils. ​

This first book features a fully-fledged glossary called the Graulore™, containing over eighty entries pertaining to the world of Grauwelt, giving you insider details on key characters, places, events, creatures, and technology!


This is the first book in a series .  The Sword and Its Servant is very well written and it did keep me reading . It was entertaining with plenty of action that keeps you reading until the end. 

I think I will continue reading this series in the future.

I give this 4 out of 5

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