Monday, July 21, 2014

The Labyrinth by Dorian Zari

*I received this arc ecopy  in exchange for an honest review * 

Dan, Sarah Zack and Carly are four strangers with a secret. When an event called the Spark makes them temporarily swap bodies they feel compelled to find each other. But something else wants to find them too: A monster in a suit that calls itself the Guardian. They race across Europe to meet, and on the way try to discover what the Guardian is,why it wants to kill them and how to kill it first.

Zack is just your typical alcoholic radio host who went on air drunk before going home to a slightly troubled girlfriend. She greeted him with a gun in her hand.

Carly is a mild mannered, coke addicted stripper who stole a cop car before she decided to respond to a child disappearance. While high.

Dan's a run of the mill blind painter diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by his only friend. His therapist.

Sarah's a cellist. She's also deaf and fond of beating her conductor with her bow.

Besides their bad career choices they have two things in common: Each of them has a hypersensitive sense: taste, smell, sight and hearing. Guess which has which. And their mutual fan: the Guardian - a short, androgynous, sharply dressed, polite monster with a passion for round black sunglasses - who wants to unburden them of their senses. By eating them.

After a series of near death encounters with the Guardian, the game is on as the four race across Europe to meet each other and figure out a way to deal with the monster before he catches them.

My Thoughts

This is a little different than what I have been reading lately but that is a good thing.  
I thought it was a pretty good book. It read this this past weekend and it took me longer than I wanted to finish it but not because it wasn't good,  It was really good and I didn't want to put it down but I had a busy weekend  and if I would have had the time to read it all in one sitting I would have. 

I highly recommend The Labyrinth 

I give this 5 out of 5

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