Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bout Of Books 14.0 Day Five

Bout of Books

Day Five was a good day.  I finished reading Dime Store Magic (only had 150 or so pages left to read) and last night I also read the last 20% of Dragonfly In Amber.

I woke up at 12am and I was wide awake so I started reading a few pages of Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong on my Kindle.

Today is grocery shopping day for me so I will have a few hours I will not be reading so I might listen to some 

Down These Strange Streets while I am doing that but we will see if I actually  will because I have a hard time listening to audiobooks.  

If I do have time before and after grocery shopping I will try and read some 

The Drafter (this book I have to review in early September).

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