Sunday, August 9, 2015

To Be Read Pile of Shame 2015

Last week I decided to re-organize my bookcases and while I was at it I figured I would sort all the books I have read and I have no read to see how many I have no read yet.  

I piled all the books I have not read onto the sofa and this is what my to be read  pile looks like: 

That is 90 books!!!!  More than half of my books!! I didn't think it would be that much especially since I have given away a LOT of my books during the past few months and a lot of the books I gave away were books I have owned for a while but don't really plan on reading or books I have read and know I will not read them ever again. 

 That is just my physical book. I know I have more ebooks to be read books than that but I am scared of going through those because I have thousands of ebooks and most of them I haven't even read yet.

I have decided I will not be buying many books in the next few months. Until I have at least read half of the books in my physical books to be read pile. I do have a lot of books to review in the next 2 months but I will try to read a few of my own books as well.

I will try and do an update post  sometime next year and hopefully my to read pile will be much smaller.

How big is your to be read pile?  

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  1. The physical pile isn't that big but the e books are more than a hundred.