Thursday, August 13, 2015

Deceptions (Cainsville #3) by Kelley Armstrong

*I received a copy of this book for my honest review*

Olivia Taylor Jones's life has exploded. She's discovered she is not only adopted, but her real parents are convicted serial killers. Fleeing the media frenzy, she took refuge in the oddly secluded town of Cainsville. She has since solved the town's mysteries and finds herself not only the target of its secretive elders but also her stalker ex-fiancé.

Visions continue to haunt her: particularly a little blond girl in a green sundress who insists she has an important message for Olivia, one that may help her balance the light and darkness within herself. Death stalks both Olivia and the two men most important to her, as she desperately searches to understand whether ancient scripts are dictating the triangle that connects them. Will darkness prevail, or does Olivia have the power to prevent a tragic fate?


I was soooo excited when I received this book and I just couldn't wait to read it because Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourite authors and this book was my most anticipated book for August. 

Anyway, I am so happy I read this one because it is awesome. Just like the previous 2 books in this series , I have devoured it all.  If I would have had time to read this book in one sitting I would have but it took me 2 afternoons to read this book and I loved every minutes of it. Just like the previous 2 books I was hooked from the very beginning.  

Just recently I found out that there will be books 4 and 5 in this series in the future. Which I am very happy about because I love this series and I can't wait to see what happens next.  

I give this 5 out of 5

Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong will be available in online book stores and book stores near you on August 18th 2015. 

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