Friday, August 21, 2015

Bout Of Books 14.0 Day Four

Bout of Books

Well day four didn't go so well.  I only had about 320 pages of Dime Store Magic left to read but I only read 200 pages.  At first I tried to read but I had a migraine so I just couldn't get into reading but by  afternoon I felt better so I did a bit of reading until about 4pm.  Had to make dinner and then while we were eating dinner we watched a movie so I didn't do any reading until I went to bed and then there I read about 10% of Dragonfly In Amber.  

Today I want to finish reading Dime Store Magic and  then once it arrives this afternoon, I will be reading a book that I am receiving to review.


  1. I had to laugh -- 10% of Dragonfly in Amber is a *LOT* of reading. Diana Gabaldon doesn't know how to write a short book. Looks like you're having a good Bout of Books. Read on!

    My Bout of Books progress is on my blog.

    1. Well I know it is a lot but I was hoping on reading 20% of Dragonfly In Amber. I probably could have since I wasn't tired at all but reading .this book is part of a read along and I was hoping on finishing it this weekend . Next week I will have some catching up on blog posts for my other blog and books to review on this one.